What makes this training program unique?

It is the first and only T32 grant that provides multidiscipinary training from schools of social work and public health. It is also the only current NIDA T32 grant focused specifically on Criminal Justice.  The program is located at Columbia University in the City of New York, placing the program in a city that has been historically impacted by high rates of incarceration, community supervision (e.g Probation and Parole), HIV, drug abuse and associated health disparities.


Am I eligible to apply? How do I apply?

All Pre-Docs must be enrolled at either the Columbia School of Social Work or the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University. All applicants must be US Citizens or Permanent Residents. All Post-Docs are eligible if they have earned a doctoral diploma (e.g, PhD, MD, ScD, etc) or will have earned one by the time their fellowship begins. If you wish to apply please go to “Apply” on the navigation bar where you will find the necessary forms and the Application. All applicants must be US Citizens or Permanent Residents.

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When do fellowships start? What are the application deadlines?

Pre-Doctoral fellowships begin at the start of the academic year. Post-Doctoral fellowship applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

How long is the fellowship?

Per NIH guidelines:

  • Pre-doctoral fellows are supported up to five years.
  • Post-doctoral fellows are supported for two years and can apply for a third.

Continuation of support is contingent upon satisfactory progress and availability of funds


Where will the training take place? Do I have to be at Columbia?

Yes, all training is done at Columbia. Pre-Doc fellows must be enrolled at a Doctoral Program in either the School of Social Work or Mailman School of Public Health. This requirement does not apply to Post-Docs.

Should I apply to social work or public health?

Predoctoral fellows must be enrolled in one of the following:

  • PhD program at the Columbia School of Social Work.
  • PhD program  at the Mailman School of Public Health.
  • DrPH program at the Mailman School of Public Health.

Therefore, Predoctoral fellows should apply to the program that is best suited to their personal academic interests.

Postdoctoral fellows do not have to choose from one program or the other. Their mentors and research projects can be drawn from both Schools.

I still have questions, how do I get more information?

please email cjhdt32@columbia.edu for more information.